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The Story

“With the term/meaning of utopia we usually signify the perfect place or the perfect circumstances that they do not exist anywhere and its impossible or very difficult to bring to fruition. The term has been used in philosophy, art, literature, architecture, as well as in politics to identify these perfect circumstances that are impossible or very difficult to bring to fruition”

The idea

…But, if you add a + ;
The idea of UTOPIA+ is created with the goal that within the internet, the digital download, and the social media will support and work with creative people from all over the world who have a vision to express, create, and follow their inspiration. That’s how UTOPIA+ started. Its goals is to fulfill the ideas using always the original dream of creation, as well as to make the impossible, possible. Besides, to co-exist with people who have a talent, follow their dreams, and realize their ideas, is not utopia!

Our Future

For that reason UTOPIA+ started with all the necessities to make the idea and inspiration go forward. Music, picture, sound, lyrics, writing, as well as e-books, digital download, web design, ideas & marketing, social media are few of the objects that UTOPIA+ will offer to an artist/creator. From zero to the final result. Together we feel, think, and create. For that reason we added a + next to UTOPIA.

"An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way"
Charles Bukowski

The Artists

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